Kiwi Pharmacy

Kiwi Pharmacy prides ourselves on our prompt attention and personalised service. Our Kiwi Club members enjoy free prescriptions for their family, weekly delivery, and a close clinical relationship with their Pharmacist.


Our services include:

  • Prescriptions 
  • Text reminders for prescription repeats
  • Medicine request service
  • Blister pack (FREE for weekly patients)
  • Delivery
  • Medicine information (incl. expectations, interactions, device techniques)

Consultation services: 

  • Emergency contraceptive pill 
  • Oral contraceptive resupply 
  • Urinary tract infection antibiotics 
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Medicine use reviews (i.e. annual consult with a pharmacist)
  • Flu vaccine 
  • MMR vaccine 
  • Covid / Booster vaccine 
  • Whooping cough vaccine 
 Nutritional Supplementation: 
  • Practitioner only products 
  • Strain specific probiotics – IBS, antibiotic-related gut symptoms, constipation, diarrhoea 
  • Vitamin & Mineral supplements – e.g. stress, exercise
  • Herbal support – e.g. sleep, mood, energy 
  • Medicine-related supplements
Pandemic Supplies: 
  • Antiviral medication
  • RAT testing kits (free with online request)
  • Masks collection (free with online request)



to experience the benefits of a local Pharmacy team who is on your side.


03 244 0388

2/118A Claridges Road, Casebrook

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